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The heart failure you DON’T know about

Are you a dead man walking?

You might not feel like it. Of course you don’t. Most people have no clue when they’ve got a time bomb ticking right in the middle of their chest.

We’re not talking about a little old heart attack here, either. Heart attacks are small potatoes compared to heart FAILURE.

If you think you’re not at risk for this cold-blooded killer, think again.

New research reveals that some 60 percent of folks around “middle age” and older are already suffering quietly from early warning signs of heart failure… and almost NONE of them know it!

It’s called preclinical heart failure, and it comes in two stages: A and B.

Stage B is worse than A — it’s just a baby step from the real deal, and your risk increases the older you get.

Some 38 percent of folks between 65 and 75 are at stage B… along with 43 percent of folks over the age of 75.

The scary part is that many of them may have been given a clean bill of health by a doctor.

Heck, some of them might claim they’ve never felt better! But beneath the surface, their hearts are struggling with every beat.

Its muscles are getting weaker, and it’s losing its ability to pump out blood — leaving the organs that depend on that flow starved of vital oxygen and essential nutrients.

That’s why even folks who SURVIVE their initial battles with heart failure often don’t make it very far.

In fact, your odds of living five years with this condition are just 50-50.

It’s time to push those odds back in your favor.

You can fight this condition and WIN. But you have to act now, before full-blown heart failure sinks in — because as long as you’re in the “A” or “B” stages, it’s not too late to turn it around.

And the best way to do that? Keep all the habits you love!

The very foods and drinks you’ve been told to avoid are loaded with heart-friendly nutrients.

Dark meat chicken — the good stuff most folks are terrified of eating these days — is packed with more than just delicious taste. It’s also a great source of taurine, which can protect against heart attack, heart failure, and death.

That beef and pork that are supposedly so bad for you? They’re a great source of carnitine, an amino acid that’s like a gas pump for the heart, pulling in the fatty acids your ticker burns for fuel.

And if you love a drink with dinner, pour a glass tonight. Three to five drinks a week will cut your risk of heart failure by a third.

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