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New warning over sunscreen

Slathering on sunscreen before going outside is like coating yourself in kerosene before lighting a bonfire.

The only difference? Instead of a big spectacular blaze on the outside, you’ll ignite a slow burn on the inside.

Sunscreens are loaded with chemicals that get sucked right into your skin — and once inside, they’ll burn everything they touch.

Now, the latest research finds that one chemical in sunscreen and other cosmetics is far more dangerous than anyone had believed.

It’s called butylparaben, but don’t worry about trying to spell and don’t even bother trying to pronounce it.

Just focus on AVOIDING it, because the new study on rats finds it can wreck your sex life completely… and permanently.

The study finds that rats exposed while in the womb end up battling a lifetime of sexual dysfunction — including low sperm quality and changes in the prostate and testicles.

Female rats battled their own version of those problems, suffering from changes in the ovaries and breasts.

These are rats exposed from before birth, so the cosmetics industry of course says that doesn’t mean there’s risk to humans exposed during adulthood — and that the rodents got hit with higher doses than what you would get from sunscreen anyway.

But do you want to play human guinea pig — or guinea rat — to find out if they’re right?

Me neither.

Butylparaben is a paraben, part of a dangerous class of chemicals known to disrupt the endocrine system and wreck havoc on the body… and you don’t have to be a rat to pay the price.

Studies on humans have linked butylparaben to cancer, including skin and breast cancers, as well as hormone problems.

And that’s just ONE of the dozens of chemicals in sunscreen!

Others have been found to boost the risk of everything from cancer in adults to developmental problems in kids. One ingredient, a form of vitamin A called retinyl palmitate, can actually SPEED the growth of skin cancers, especially when exposed to UV light.

Y’know… the stuff that comes from the SUN!

It’s as if they had a contest to see who could come up with the worst possible chemicals to rub on the skin, and dumped all the winners into sunscreen.

So forget it. You don’t need it anyway, because the best “protection” from the sun is your own common sense.

If you’ve go the smarts to seek shade before you burn up, you’ll get all the protection you need — and being out under the sun WITHOUT sunscreen will help your body make vitamin D and the nitric oxide that’s so critical to keeping your blood flowing and your heart pumping.

That’s why a study out of Sweden earlier this year found regular sun exposure could literally add years to your life.

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