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Meet the cure for the common cold

Someone at the FTC needs to be fired, and stat.

Heck, maybe EVERYONE at the agency should be handed pink slips and we can start over with a new team of folks who actually care about consumers instead of protecting big corporate interests.

God knows, the clowns in there now sure don’t.

Just a couple years back, the agency came down like a sack of bricks on the makers of zinc-based cold remedies, handing out fines and trying to put those little companies out of business.

Today, a new study PROVES beyond all doubt that those remedies not only work, but work so well we can finally say…

There IS a cure for the common cold!

Zinc not only helps you feel better faster, it works in just about everyone — across age groups, racial barriers, and gender lines (however many genders they think we have these days).

Overall, zinc lozenges will shave nearly THREE DAYS off the average cold, according to the study.

If that’s not a cure, I don’t know what is.

Yet you can bet those companies that were fined won’t get their money back… and they’re not going to get an apology letter from the FTC.

So forget the feds and go with the science — because the science says zinc works best if you take it at the first sign of sniffles and keep taking the stuff until you’re feeling better.

There is a trick to using zinc — and it’s an important one.

You can’t just take a little bit and consider yourself covered… and you can’t just gobble a high-dose supplement, either, since a little too much zinc can lead to embarrassing gas and a desperate dash for the toilet.

So here’s the key: Take low doses repeatedly throughout the day. That’s why zinc lozenges are so effective — because they deliver the zinc slowly, as they melt, a little at a time.

The new study says you should aim for the century mark, 100 mg per day, but you may not even have to go that far — because other studies have found you can cut down your cold with just 75 mg per day.

And for the BEST protection, make sure you’re getting enough fish oil and vitamins C and D — powerful immune-boosters that can slash your risk of getting the cold or even the flu in the first place.

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