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On BP meds? Here’s your way off!

You’re taking meds until you’re ready to choke… swallowing pill after pill after pill.

And every time you feel yourself ready to gag you ask yourself the same question: Do I really need all these darn pills???

The answer, my friend, is NO!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. The latest MAINSTREAM research finds that millions of seniors are taking blood pressure meds that they absolutely under no circumstances do not need.

These are folks just like you. Heck, you might even be one of them!

One day, your doc says your BP is too high and gives you a warning about stroke — a warning you could drop dead on the spot or spend the rest of your life as a cripple if you survive — so of course you follow his orders and take the pills.

With a sales pitch like that, how can you not?

But the new study finds he’s pushing you into a shotgun wedding… a lifetime commitment whether you want it or not.

‘Til death do you part!

Even when BP levels drop so low there’s no reason to take the meds, you’re are expected to keep at it. It’s gotten so absurd that 70 PERCENT of older folks who no longer need the meds are on them anyway, according to the new study.

These aren’t borderline cases. These aren’t cases where the drugs are needed to bring “high” blood pressure down into the mainstream’s normal zone.

These are cases where BP levels have absolutely plunged, with systolic (the “top number”) readings below 100.

That’s lower than an athlete!

Yet instead of quitting the BP meds… instead of giving patients ONE LESS pill to gag on… docs shrug and leave them on the drugs.

It’s lazy medicine at its worst, and it could do more than just cause you to choke on meds.

It could HURT you or even send you straight into a nursing home, because blood pressure meds come with dizzying side effects. Seniors who take them have a higher risk of falls, and any fall in old age could turn into permanent disability.

Obviously, if you’re on these meds, it’s time to ask your doc for help getting off — especially if your BP is low.

But even if it’s high… even if you’re in the “stage 1 hypertension” range… you STILL may not need the drugs!

The dirty secret of modern medicine is that these drugs do little to save lives and improve outcomes in most seniors, and I’ve got the ugly truth your own doctor doesn’t want you to see right here.

If you think you don’t need them… but he’s not willing to work with you… don’t take matters into your own hands.

Get a second opinion, ideally from an experienced naturopathic physician.

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