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CDC caught hiding the ugly truth about FluMist

FluMist has been told to desist, with the CDC pulling the plug on this weird experimental vaccine that’s supposed to be sprayed up your nose, like a snot-rocket in reverse.

It’s aimed at people who fear needles, especially kids, and it’s notorious for making your nose run like it’s training for the Summer Olympics — so much so that some of the folks who get it feel like they’re on their way to developing the flu.

Turns out it doesn’t work… at all. Not even a little. And it shouldn’t have been approved in the first place.

The CDC admits they actually knew the mist was a bust just three months after they approved it, when their immediate data showed it made no difference at all in flu risk in children.

Not a small difference. NONE… AT… ALL!

Yet instead of coming clean and telling the public they failed, the agency dragged its bureaucratic feet for TWO FULL YEARS before finally ‘fessing up last month and admitting that the nasal spray doesn’t work.

But as far as I’m concerned there’s no big shock here.

If anything, that just means FluMist is consistent with the flu shot — because no matter how they hype it, no matter what nonsense they use to try to sell it, the normal vaccine pushed on the masses every year is a big bust.

Like the mist, it offers almost no protection at all in many seasons, especially in seniors.

And even in a “GOOD” year, it’s not the sure thing it’s been made out to be.

They use rosy numbers to make it seem better than it really is; but once you do the math, you’ll find the absolute protection rate of the flu shot is just 1.5 percent.

That’s it.

Even worse, getting the shot for “normal” flu can actually INCREASE your risk of getting more dangerous pandemic strains when they strike.

So while docs are now urging patients to go back to the traditional flu shot instead of the mist, I’ve got a better idea that you can use this coming flu season… and every other flu season.

Try something that WORKS instead!

The flu might change from year to year, but the things that boost your immune system so your own body can fight it off don’t. Start with some vitamin D, which studies show is up to 800 percent more effective than the flu shot.

And if you happen to get sick despite vitamin D — hey, it can happen to the best of us — don’t turn to Tamiflu. There’s a safe and natural remedy, which is every bit as effective without the risks.

Learn more right here.

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