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This can cause cancers to grow SIX TIMES faster

You’ve heard of killer stress?

That’s no exaggeration, my friend. Stress can knock you down, wipe you out, and even cause you to drop dead on the spot if it leads to a coronary.

And that’s not the only way it can kill you.

Stunning new research shows how stomach-twisting stress can help tumors grow SIX TIMES faster!

Chronic stress boosts activity in the lymphatic system, the “highway” that lets immune cells rush to where they’re needed and chase out nasty toxins.

But when stress enters the picture, the highway opens up and cancer cells not only get to hitch a ride… they get their own express lane, so they can travel all around your body.

That allows the disease to grow and spread faster than ever, according to the new study.

This one was done on mice, but you’ve got the same kind of lymphatic highway in your body — and it’s a safe bet that cancer cells can cruise through those lanes in your body just as they can in mice.

So you need to get a grip on stress now… even if you don’t THINK you have cancer, because there could be one silently forming inside you at this very moment.

It might be a harmless little growth that’ll never hurt you.

But if you’re battling stress, that benign tumor could turn into a cold-blooded killer.

Next thing you know, stress is the least of your worries.

And if that’s not enough to scare the stress out of you, it can also boost your risk of everything a senior fears most: heart attack, stroke, and more. One study last year even found that stress will DOUBLE your risk of cognitive problems!

So how can you slash your stress levels, especially at a time when it seems like the world is crumbling around you?

First, load up on probiotics. That means more fresh-from-the-farm dairy, natural yogurt (not the junk with sugary fruit goo on the bottom), and even a probiotic supplement, because a 2013 study found that these essential bacteria will cut your levels of the stress hormone cortisol in just 30 days.

And second, don’t let yourself get so worked up over things beyond your control, especially during the silly season of a presidential election.

You’re just not going to convince your sandal-wearing hippy-dippy cousin that Hillary’s a crook no matter how hard you try… so just tune him and all his nonsense out, whether he’s yapping on Facebook or at the family BBQ this summer.

Let the stress of the election eat him alive — but don’t let it get to you.

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