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Never make a big decision without doing this first

There are three things you should never, ever do on an empty stomach.

Don’t drink hard liquor… don’t go to the supermarket… and whatever you do, don’t even THINK about making a big decision when you can hear your stomach rumbling.

A new study on rats of all things shows how a little hunger can throw your mind so far off track that you’re almost guaranteed to make impulsive and outright bad decisions.

In this case, the rats were trained that waiting for their treats led to even more treats — and for the most part, once they figured that out, the little rodents would wait.

Rats, like people, want more when they can get it.

But as they got hungry, they lost the ability to wait. As levels of the “hunger hormone” ghrelin jumped, their ability to resist plunged.

And when it reached levels of hunger normally seen right before meals — in rats and humans — you can forget about waiting.

The rats didn’t care about MORE, all they cared about was NOW.

They became impulsive, and made lousy decisions that ultimately cost them treats… but they didn’t care, because of their hunger levels.

Rats are pretty smart — and if you’ve ever seen them duck the traps in your shed and steal your stuff anyway, you know how clever the critters are — but they’re still just rodents at the end of the day.

But you’ve got a few things on your side they don’t — like logic, memory, experience, and wisdom.

You can THINK, you can PROCESS, and you can DECIDE; and I don’t care how hungry you are, you can do all that better than a rat any day of the week.

But there’s still a lesson in here for you — because you don’t need a study to know judgment can fly out the window when you’re hungry.

How many times did you know dinner was coming, but gave in and ate some snacks anyway because you were hungry… especially when you were REALLY hungry?

That’s the ghrelin at work, doing to you just what it did to the rats.

While you’re obviously better able to resist it, that’s not always the case — and you don’t want anything working against you when you need to focus.

So before you make any big decisions — especially if it involves pulling your retirement funds, selling the home, buying a new set of wheels, or moving to Florida — do yourself and your family a favor.

Have a big meal, think about it some more, and THEN make a decision.

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