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The key to weight loss ISN’T what you think

You heard it here first — and now the rest of the world is finally starting to catch on!

If you want to lose weight… feel great… and get into the best shape of your life, the only “exercise” you need to do is take your gym membership card and tear it to shreds.

Yes, my friend, go ahead and cancel it — you’ll not only save on those monthly fees, but you’ll also quit putting yourself through the pointless torture of “exercise.”

If you’re like most Americans, you probably weren’t using it anyway — and now, the latest research proves (yet again) that it won’t help you shed so much as a single pound.

This isn’t based on one study… or several studies… or even dozens of studies.

The new review looked at OVER A HUNDRED studies that ran as long as six months — and in that time, endurance training led to almost no weight loss at all, ranging from ZERO pounds in some to a maximum of about nine pounds at best.

Imagine that: Sweating and slaving in a stinky gym for HALF a year… only to lose barely a pound a month, and that’s if you’re lucky.

If not, you’ll have nothing to show for it except maybe a sports injury and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.

Of course, the clueless media isn’t playing up this big discovery.

Nope, instead they’re harping on nonsense like the fact that muscle weighs more than fat — as if that can explain this staggering failure.

Just about the only bright spot of the study — and it’s a pretty small one — is that while exercise won’t help you to lose weight, it might burn a little of the dangerous visceral fat that builds up around the organs.

But who cares?

Sure, that’s the kind of fat that’ll boost your risk of disease — but the folks in the study lost just 6 percent of that visceral fat.

Big whoop!

There’s a much more efficient way to force that fat to melt itself away so you’re lean and mean, and you don’t have to spill a drop of sweat to get it done.

Switch to a high-fat, low-carb diet.

Giving up carbs triggers ketosis, which some people incorrectly call “starvation” mode.

You’re not starving. You’re giving your body just what it needs — the only thing it has in common with “starvation” is that it forces fat-burning, when your body dips into the stash of fat it’s been saving and melts it away to create energy.

That’s GOOD, not bad, and will cause your dangerous visceral fat to dissolve like butter in a hot pan… and you’ll get leaner, faster.

Don’t worry about “exercise.” Just be sure to get up on your feet and get natural movements throughout the day.

Take up an active hobby like walking, dancing, or even golf… and your “exercise” will be covered.

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