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Scary new Zika risk for seniors exposed

As if Zika isn’t scary enough already, now there’s a frightening new risk you need to worry about — and this one isn’t limited to babies and pregnant woman.

No, my friend, it could happen to YOU.

The latest research shows how this virus carried by mosquitoes could mess you up good, setting the stage for temporary or even permanent vision loss.

A new report out of Brazil, home of what will forever be known as the Zika Olympics, finds the virus can lead to a condition called uveitis.

You’ve probably never heard of it, and be glad you haven’t. It’s inflammation right inside your eyeball — and, until now, it’s not something folks ever had to worry about much.

But now, just going outside for a summer BBQ and getting bitten by a Zika bug could show you firsthand all the ways this condition could wreck your eyesight.

It could cause a cataract if you don’t already have one, or make it worse if you do.

It could trigger ocular hypertension, or when the blood pressure in your eyeball jumps — doubling your risk of glaucoma.

It can even lead to blindness.

And all this could be yours because of a simple skeeter bite!

So far, thank God, there haven’t been any Zika bugs caught flying around here in the United States.

But with an army of disease-carrying skeeters heading up here from Central America right now, that could change at any time — and once they arrive, you’ll have to worry about more than just your peepers.

Another report earlier this year found that a single bite from a Zika bug could trigger ADEM, an autoimmune disorder that mimics multiple sclerosis and causes headaches, neck pain, fatigue, balance problems, seizures, and more.

It could even leave you in a coma.

While most folks recover in a few months, a battle with ADEM — even a short one — can leave behind lingering cognitive problems that can last the rest of your life.

So what can you do about it?

On the surface, not a heckuva lot: Zika mosquitos are coming to the U.S., and the CDC is warning that they could reach the southern states this season.

Even if they don’t, they’ll likely be biting Americans by next spring.

So you can’t STOP the bugs — but you CAN stop them from biting you if you coat yourself in DEET before you go outside in mosquito season.

Learn more about how and why this chemical will help you… and why “natural” bug sprays fall short… in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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