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Beer boosts brain in battle against dementia

Happy Independence Day — a day to celebrate our freedom and everything that makes this country so great.

Let the haters hate all they want; I’m going to kick back and enjoy the three B’s: BBQ… baseball… and BEER!

It’s not just a great way to relax today.

That last one is absolutely essential to your health — and the latest research shows how beer can protect your brain from one of the key warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you know anything about dementia, you know about the junk that fills the brain and gums up the works, slowing everything down and eventually robbing you of your memory and personality.

The worst of the “brain junk” are proteins called beta-amyloid plaques.

The more of those plaques you have, the more decline you can expect to suffer.

But according to the new study of 125 older guys, beer can practically rush right through the brain and clear it all out.

Guys who drank beer had lower levels of those nasty beta-amyloid plaques than the teetotalers AND those who drank liquor or wine.

Now granted, this was one study of 125 guys, and it didn’t actually track them to see who developed dementia and who didn’t. (It couldn’t, because it was based on autopsies).

But there’s some rock-solid science behind this one.

Beer is the single best source of dietary silicon. While all beers have some, you’ll find more of it in the lighter, more bitter brews — the ones that go down so good on a hot summer day — rather than the darker stuff like Guinness.

Silicon protects against exposure to aluminum, a metal that can get inside your brain and — guess what? — cause beta-amyloid plaques to form.

So it all makes sense, and while certainly I’d like to see a little more research on this before I declare beer to be the miracle cure for dementia, it’s not going to stop me from popping the top off a cold one tonight.

Getting healthy has never felt so good!

Along with protecting the brain, the very same silicon you’ll find in beer helps build bone.

And of course, a moderate alcohol habit — whether it’s liquor, beer, or wine — can also help protect the heart, fight chronic disease, add years to your life, and just plain make your evenings more pleasurable.

That’s what it’s really all about, right?

So there’s your excuse. Hit the supermarket, buy a case of beer, and stock the fridge… it’s the best “medicine” around!

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