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What your spouse is REALLY doing to you

If they gave out a big award for patience, I’m pretty sure my wife would win every year.

Hey, at least I’d get a mention in her acceptance speech. She couldn’t have done it without me!

I’m sure you’re thinking the same about yours.

Yes, our wives put up with a lot from us… and of course we’ll do anything in the world for them.

And turns out, that’s not all we do for each other.

There’s something else going on beneath the surface… something you can’t SEE… but you no doubt know is there whenever you look at your beloved.

It’s protection on a whole different level — and the latest research shows how this “power of love” has some very REAL and LASTING benefits, saving and even extending lives and offering protection from one of today’s leading killers.

And that protection kicks in just when you need it most: when you’re facing the life-or-death stress of a heart attack.

Sorry, single folks, but you’ve got a tougher road to hoe — because the absence of spousal support will increase your time in the hospital and even increase your risk of dropping dead.

Married folks, on the other hand, are 14 percent less likely to die after a heart attack, and they get home from the hospital two full days sooner.

Part of the reason of course is the fact that a good marriage cuts stress and boosts levels of the healthy hormones that help you through tough times.

But I’m not here to sing a happy song about feelings. There’s more to it than that.

A much BIGGER part of the reason is that you’ve got someone in your corner when you need it most — someone to call the ambulance, even when you insist it was just something you ate… someone to demand attention for you in the ER… and someone to watch over you while you’re going through the tests and treatments.

Most importantly, you’ve got someone to take care of you when you get back home.

You just can’t beat that, my friend, and that’s why you should take a moment to thank you spouse… for just being there.

Single folks, don’t let this stress you out too much.

Whether you’re married, single, divorced, widowed, or dating, the bottom line is that while happy and healthy relationships will certainly help you in times of trouble, they’re not the most important factor.

That’s your diet.

Eat right, give up processed foods, cut the sugars and stick to the straight-and-narrow and you’ll be in such tip-top shape that your marital status won’t matter a whit.

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