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The key to heart health your doc WON’T talk about

It’s the ULTIMATE secret to an ironclad heart — and odds are, you won’t hear boo about it from your doctor!

He’s too busy harping on cholesterol and blood pressure. Heck, he’ll nag you to death about that nonsense… and never once will he mention your immune system in the same breath as heart health.

Well, my friend, new research reveals the truth: Your immune system does so much more than protect you from nasty germs.

The same antibodies that sock out viral invaders and bacterial threats are also standing guard around your heart, protecting you from a potentially deadly heart attack.

The more you have, the bigger the lift.

And if you’re rich in immunoglobulin G — aka IgG — you’ll get souped-up protection against a heart attack, regardless of whatever other risk factors you might have, according to the study of more than 19,000 patients at risk of heart attack.

Clearly, docs should be focused on helping you keep your immune system razor sharp (for so many reasons, not just this).

Instead, they’ll nag you about cholesterol until your ears bleed.

Ready for the great irony here? LDL cholesterol (the so-called “bad” cholesterol) plays a critical role in your immune system — and when you follow your doctor’s orders and cut those levels, you’re actually CRIPPLING your own immune system.

As the new study shows, that could set the stage for a deadly heart attack — and that’s one reason for that study I shared earlier this week, which found seniors with HIGH cholesterol are less likely to die of heart problems than older folks with LOW cholesterol.

The researchers behind the new study say maybe it’s time to test for IgG to see who might be at risk of a heart attack.

I’ve got a better idea, because instead of just SEEING if you’re at risk, you can actually DO something about it.

You can boost your immune system and raise your antibody levels naturally — and you can start with some zinc.

Zinc plays a key role in your immune system, including IgG antibodies, which is why seniors who have the right levels of this essential mineral have a lower risk of cold, flu, and more.

Yet many seniors don’t get nearly enough.

You don’t need too much so don’t start gobbling zinc tablets willy-nilly. But make sure you’re getting what you need each day — and that starts with a quality multivitamin that includes minerals.

Your doc can even run a quick test to see where you stand.

For more on zinc and what happens when you fall even just a little bit short, read this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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