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Save the world… kill all the humans!

The greenies are trying to shove all kinds of solutions for problems that don’t exist down our collective throats.

In most cases, we’re being forced to pay a whole lot more to get a whole lot less.

And now, a new warning from a major medical organization reveals how one of the biggest recent victories of the leftist movement is RUINING your health!

The energy-efficient LED lights everyone is being practically forced to use — the ones where you pay five times more for a bulb half as dim — can wreck your eyeballs and disrupt your sleep.

The American Medical Association says the LED bulbs used in streetlamps contain WAY too much blue light.

You don’t SEE the blue, but it’s there. It’s what gives everything that cold, harsh glare these days — so much so that it can screw up your vision, cut clarity, and increase the risk of an accident.

Blue light also bounces around in the retina like a ping-pong ball, and the levels used in streetlights can damage your eyesight.

The big problem is what’s known as “color temperature.”

The higher the temp, the bluer the light — and while the old incandescent bulbs’ color temperature was 2400K (that’s “K” for “Kelvin”), the new LEDs being installed in streets across the nation are somewhere between 4000K and 5000K.

That means they contain TWICE as much blue — and assuming you don’t smash your car on the way home because of the visual problems they cause, you could end up facing other issues long after you’ve parked the car and gone inside.

These new streetlights are FIVE TIMES more effective at suppressing the “sleep hormone” melatonin when compared to the old sodium streetlights, according to CNN.

If you’ve been tossing and turning more often these days, don’t blame something you ate or drank.

Blame the streetlights!

The AMA warning focuses on the vision problems and melatonin, but those aren’t the only risks of these hippy-dippy bulbs.

As you read right here in the Daily Dose a few years back, LED lights can damage pigment epithelial cells in the eye — and that kind of damage can trigger macular degeneration.

Unfortunately, LED light isn’t just becoming hard to avoid. It’s practically impossible, because they’re absolutely everywhere — like in your cellphone, computer, and TV screens.

Do your best to avoid them as much as you can. You can even buy reading glasses that filter out blue for when you use the computer or phone. And remember: the best bulbs for your home and your health are natural, full-spectrum lights.

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