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TRIPLE your weight loss with this all-natural diet

Don’t fall for the lamestream media hype machine, my friend!

The big, ugly headlines claim a back-to-basics diet of all-natural foods will leave you with crippling nutritional deficiencies.

But that’s a load of you-know-what.

Fact is, you CAN follow a natural diet of zero processed foods and plenty of fresh meat and STILL get all your nutrients.

And when you do, you’ll lose weight faster… feel better sooner… and get healthier than you’ve been in years.

The study being used to trash the diet even proves it, too!

In just four weeks, women on a Paleo diet dropped nearly 5 percent of their entire body weight, shedding an average of seven pounds.

That’s not a diet. That’s practically a miracle, especially when you compare it to the pitiful results seen in women forced to choke back bunny chow on a low-fat diet.

They dropped a little more than half a pound a week, or just 2.6 pounds after four weeks.

Paleo dieters lost weight at nearly TRIPLE the rate — and unlike the mainstream dieters, who no doubt hated every meal, you can bet the ones who went Paleo loved every minute of it.

After all, this high-fat diet with zero processed junk allows all the foods you’ve been told to avoid, including steak and chops.

This study is a HUGE win for the all-natural Paleo diet… but you wouldn’t know it from the dopey media coverage!

Instead of celebrating a highly effective way to lose weight, they’re bellyaching that the study found folks who follow this diet suffer “major” nutritional deficiencies.

Just one problem: The study actually found no such thing.

The media is focusing on the fact that women on the Paleo diet got less thiamin, riboflavin, and calcium than gals on the standard diet.

But their thiamin and riboflavin levels were actually right in the ballpark of where they should be. The only one that truly fell short was calcium, as the women got less than half of what they need — and that’s because of the one big, glaring and easily correctible flaw in the Paleo diet.

No dairy!

The Paleo diet is extremely strict on this. No milk, no cheese. And that’s why I say “no way” to a true Paleo diet.

But you can fix this — because there’s absolutely no reason avoid dairy.

The low-carb diet you’ve read about here in the Daily Dose is close to the Paleo diet — but it’s not as strict, so it’s easier to follow. And because it allows all the fresh dairy you want, you’ll get all the calcium you need.

There you go. Problem solved — and to make sure you’re covered on all your other essential nutrients, take a quality multivitamin with minerals every day.

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