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Is this why your digestion is all screwy?

When was the last time your doc checked your zinc levels? Here’s a guess: never.

Docs won’t even bother with zinc unless you’ve got the obvious signs of a deficiency.

If your hair’s falling out of your head, or if you’re tired and on the brink of collapse most of the time, he might check — although he’ll probably look everywhere else first.

But even if you’ve got a full head of hair… even if you have no other outward warning signs of a zinc deficiency at all… you could be missing out.

And the latest research shows how falling even just a little short can punch you right in the gut.

Levels that wouldn’t be considered a true deficiency — levels your own doc would be perfectly happy with if he ever bothered to test you — can set the stage for problems with digestion.

Your pancreas squeezes zinc out of your food and pumps it into your body. When your levels plunge, it can’t do the job… and you don’t just miss out on zinc.

The study — done on piglets, but our own digestive system works the same way — shows how essential digestive enzymes in the pancreas plunge faster than Hillary’s approval ratings even at zinc levels that fall just a LITTLE short over a short period of time.

That, in turn, can slow your digestion so that the food you eat starts to pile up in your gut and intestines like trash during a garbage strike.

On the plus side, you might be a little less hungry.

On the minus side, your inner workings are slowing down — and that’s not good for your gut, your nutrition, or your body.

Along with digestion problems, low levels of zinc — even if they’re not low enough for a “true” deficiency — can lead to everything from low energy to sex problems in men and women alike.

More importantly, low zinc can also screw up your immune system, leaving you exposed to infection risk and chronic health problems.

Don’t go crazy with zinc, because it’s definitely possible to have too much of a good thing.

In most cases, you won’t even need a separate zinc supplement, just a decent multivitamin. Check yours today — and if it doesn’t have zinc and other essential minerals, it’s time to shop around for a new blend.

And don’t forget to get some zinc from diet.

The best source is oysters, but most folks only eat them a couple times a year. The best COMMON source is beef, but you have to be picky about it: Honest-to-goodness grass-fed cow contains far more zinc than the nasty factory-processed supermarket cuts.

You’ll also find it in all the other foods you’ve been told NOT to eat: eggs (especially the yolk), dark-meat poultry, and fresh dairy.

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