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End urinary tract infections for good

Big Pharma is trying to turn the superbug crisis into a shot at a billion-dollar payday, attempting to FORCE governments to pay in advance for the development of new antibiotics.

But you don’t need billions to cook up a cure to today’s biggest superbug threat.

The very remedies once dismissed as “folk medicine” can do a whole lot more than many of today’s big-money meds, fighting off infections… even as drugs such as antibiotics fail.

Now, the latest research backs an approach you first read about right here in the Daily Dose more than a year ago — confirming that two time-tested natural cures can do even more together than when taken alone.

And ladies, if you’re prone to a certain infection “down there,” these could be the answer to your prayers.

One of them is a probiotic supplement. Ever wonder what they’re doing for you… and maybe even if they’re worth the money?

They’re worth every penny, my friend, especially if you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections — because in vitro experiments show how certain strains of Lactobacillus can create an “inhospitable environment” for the E. coli bacteria responsible for UTIs.

That’s exactly the kind of environment you want down there, ladies.

The study also confirms that the special compounds in cranberries called “proanthocyanidins” can knock those E. coli bugs down for the count.

But like I said, we already know this.

The REAL news here is what happened when researchers tried them TOGETHER.

They not only didn’t interfere with one another… but they joined forces like Batman and Robin to knock out E. coli with a one-two punch.
That means 1) stopping the disease before it even starts and 2) cutting the infection short if you do get sick, especially if you load up at the first sign of pain “down there.”


There is a catch, and it’s a pretty big one: I don’t mean “cranberry juice.”

Sorry… but most of those godawful “cranberry cocktails” sold in the drink aisle actually contain little cranberry. Even the “100 percent” juice products aren’t 100 percent cranberry — because if they were, you’d probably gag on the first sip.

Pure cranberry is hard to take, which is why sugars and other juices are blended in — but those won’t cut the mustard when it comes to protecting yourself from UTIs.

If you’re prone to these infections or are suffering one, try a cranberry extract supplement instead, and don’t forget a probiotic to go with it.

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