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Coffee confusion as cancer agency makes bizarre new claim

Coffee’s bad for you.

No, wait… it’s good for you.


Confused? Follow mainstream health advice, and you won’t know up from down anymore — and for the perfect case in point, just take a look at the latest news on coffee.

The World Health Organization’s cancer agency, which basically exists to warn that EVERYTHING you love will give you cancer, is having second thoughts about coffee.

For years, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has claimed that coffee is a “possibly carcinogenic,” a list that includes practically everything on the planet — obvious stuff like huffing gas fumes, and bizarre things like pickled vegetables.

Yes… pickles, for crying out loud.

Coffee has been on the list for ages, and as a result, docs who obey the almighty guidelines have been urging patients not to touch the stuff.

Now, the IARC admits that their own advice is a possible carcinogen… because anyone who avoided coffee actually has a HIGHER risk of cancer and death.


I’d like to say we should give them credit for eventually coming around and admitting that they were wrong.

But they don’t deserve credit on this.

They’re decades late to the coffee party, because years of research prove a few cups of mud each day will cut the risk of cancers of the colon, prostate, breast, and more.

One study last year even found that coffee can cut your risk of melanoma, the deadly form of skin cancer, by as much as 20 percent.

That means the cancer agency wasn’t just wrong. They’ve been so wrong for so long that they couldn’t find right with a map… and even now, they’re STILL getting it wrong.

The agency is now blaming ALL hot drinks, saying anything served “too hot” will increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

I won’t argue with that; at the very least, a boiling cup is uncomfortable and foolishly dangerous.

But IARC’s definition of “too hot” includes coffee served “just right” at about 150 degrees.

I say it’s time to stop listening to these bozos. They just admitting to botching a major piece of health advice, so as far as I’m concerned they’ve lost the right to dish out any advice at all.

So follow mine instead: Treat yourself to some piping hot coffee each day. Along with giving you a burst of energy, coffee will fight major diseases including cancer, dementia, heart disease and more.

As for the temperature, just make sure you don’t burn yourself and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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