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Your city is cheating on water tests

Your water might look clean, smell fine, and taste great.

But odds are, it’s absolutely filthy!

U.S. drinking water is loaded with more chemicals than a meth lab — and the latest research shows how one of the worst contaminants of all has invaded the water supply across the country.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the lead crisis in Flint, Michigan, and how crooked politicians and bureaucrats used shady “testing” methods to make it SEEM like the water was safe.

Turns out they’re not alone.

An investigation by The Guardian finds dozens of cities across the country using the same ugly tricks to hide the true lead levels in the drinking water.

In 21 cities, testers were told to flush the pipes before taking a sample. That goes directly against EPA guidelines as flushing — or running the tap for five minutes before taking a sample — can push out any lead that’s been building up in the pipes.

In 23 cities, testers were told to avoiding turning the water all the way on when taking a sample. They just let it trickle — another stunt they pull to fake test results, because it takes a certain amount of pressure to get the lead out.

When they use the “trickle effect,” the lead sits in the pipes and the samples come back clean.

Two states even allow communities to throw out water samples that test positive for high levels of lead, and then try again (no doubt with some of the tricks above to help hide the true levels).

Yes, it’s like Flint is happening all over again… and it’s happening in some form or another in at least 33 cities across 17 states, according to The Guardian’s investigation.

Millions of Americans drink the water in those cities every single day… and most of them have no clue just how bad it is.

And lead is only the beginning of the problems.

There are hundreds of other contaminants routinely turning up in U.S. drinking water, including pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, rocket fuel and cocaine… and many of them are completely unregulated. That means that towns don’t even have to test for some of these things, much less take action to remove them from the water.

And that leaves it up to you… as usual.

The best way to give your family crisp, clear and — most importantly — SAFE drinking eater is with a reverse osmosis water filter.

Quality systems are available at home-improvement stores and cost just a few hundred bucks. If you’re handy, you can install it yourself. If not, you’ll have to hire a plumber.

Either way, don’t put it in the kitchen.

Put it where the water enters your home to ensure every tap and faucet is protected.

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