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Is this why you’re going blind?

Want to hear some of the worst advice in world? Just tell someone you have diabetes.

People mean well, but they don’t know jack — and they’ll fill your mind with all kinds of nonsense. Heck, even docs give crummy advice to diabetic patients, because most of them are as clueless as everyone else on this.

When it comes down to it, their advice boils down to this: Take lots of meds, and stick to the official low-fat, food-hating, life-wrecking, calorie-counting diet guidelines.

Those same guidelines allow for as much as 60 percent of your diet to come from carbs, which pretty much guarantees your blood sugar will never truly be under control.

And now, the latest research shows how those chronically high blood sugar levels can wreck your eyes and steal your vision.

It’s a complication called diabetic retinopathy, and docs will tell you there isn’t much you can do about it — that once it kicks in, you’re on the path to vision loss and quite possibly blindness.

But the new study shows how there absolutely IS something you can do about it, because tight control over blood sugar can slow the disease and save your vision.

In fact, keeping your blood sugar levels down will cut the progression of retinopathy by more than half, according to the study presented at the American Diabetes Association’s annual meeting.

But drugs alone can’t do the trick here.

There’s really only one way to get the job done, and that’s to commit to a diet extremely low in carbs — as close to zero as you can get.

No taters, no breads or any other grains (no whole grains either), no soft drinks, and no added sugars of any kind. Limit event natural sources of sugars such as fruit.

That may sound like a whole lotta “no”… and it is. But in return, you can say “yes” to your favorite cuts of meat, like steak and pork chops.

In most cases, your blood sugar levels will rapidly normalize, and your risk of everything that comes with diabetes will plunge — including retinopathy and neuropathy.

You’ll even cut your risk of heart problems and dementia… and it’s all from eating a diet rich in the very foods you’ve been told to avoid.

As always, work closely with a doc who shares your goals of protecting your body and limiting, reducing, or even eliminating your meds. I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine experienced in natural diabetes care.

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