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Shocking government confession: FDA can’t keep food safe

Forget the Keystone Cops.

If you want to see incompetent policing, then look no further than the Food and Drug Administration.

The agency that’s SUPPOSED to police our food supply and ensure that what we feed our families is safe has been caught red-handed doing just the opposite.

They’ve knowingly allowed tainted food to hit the market!

The agency’s own watchdog says the FDA is too slow to issue recalls during food poisoning outbreaks, even when they KNOW exactly what’s making people sick.

The inspector general of the Health and Human Services Department has given the FDA the government equivalent of a dunce cap, slapping it with a warning over its complete incompetence in food safety.

The organization fired off an alert in the form of a report that looked at 30 recalls over three years.

“For all 30 voluntary recalls in our sample, after FDA first became aware that an adulterated or misbranded product could be in the food supply chain, it did not prescribe a timeline for each firm to initiate a recall,” the report said.

That’s one of the FDA’s first and most basic jobs. Yet they flunked… THIRTY times in three years!

In one case, it took nearly half a year to issue a recall over a salmonella outbreak. In another, it took TWO MONTHS to issue a recall over listeria in cheese… an outbreak that led to the death of a baby and two miscarriages.

And that’s because the entire process is screwed up, designed to benefit the industry and not consumers.

You’d think the moment the FDA knows of a problem with food they’d issue a recall and warn consumers.


Each recall is a dance worthy of Fred and Ginger — a carefully choreographed routine between the FDA and the company selling tainted food where everything is secretly negotiated behind the scenes, in advance, and the companies are ultimately allowed to handle it however they want.

That’s why most recalls are long-delayed “voluntary actions” and the stuff under recall has already been sold and eaten months ago. And, in most cases, the companies are even allowed to push out a BS statement claiming the food is safe — they’re just trying to be extra careful.

Yeah, right.

If they WERE extra careful, we wouldn’t have 48 million Americans — that’s 1 in 6 of us! — suffering from food poisoning every single year, according to CDC numbers.

Obviously, the old rule remains in force: Never rely on the government to keep you and your family safe.

Choose your food carefully, and scrub fresh produce — because it’s fruits and veggies, not meats, that are responsible for the most outbreaks.

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