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The dangerous new ingredient in sunscreen

If the sun were even half as dangerous as you’ve been led to believe, the human race never would’ve made it out of the caves.

The sun’s not some horrible monster in the sky trying to kill us.

It’s a life-giving gift that can help you avoid killer disease… and the biggest risks you face aren’t from sunlight.

No, my friend, the REAL problems kick in when you try to avoid it!

The chemical coatings people slather on their bodies to “protect” themselves from sun are loaded with dangerous ingredients — and the worst of the lot may not even be mentioned on the label.

A growing number of sunscreens are using “nanoparticles,” or — just as the name tells you — incredibly small particles that are supposed to stay on the skin longer and block the sun better.

Now, a new report claims there’s nothing to worry about. Rub it all over your skin. Go ahead — because these particles are specially designed only to stay on the skin and never to penetrate it.

Yeah, right. What could possibly go wrong there?

It’s far too early for anyone to make a blanket declaration that nano-sunscreens are safe. There’s simply not enough human research, no consistency to the type and size of particles used, and not even any rules or requirements to label it.

Yes, your sunscreen could contain nanoparticles right now, and you wouldn’t even know it.

What we DO know about the stuff from animal studies is downright terrifying: If titanium dioxide particles — which are used in some sunscreens — do get into the body, they can poke holes in the brain, according to research on fish.

You read that right. HOLES. In your BRAIN.

Until someone can prove to me there’s not a chance in the world that nanoparticles of any kind can penetrate the skin and get into the body, I’m not buying it.

But it’s not just nanoparticles you need to watch out for, because ALL sunscreens are risky… loaded with cancer-causing, hormone-blocking chemicals and other junk like nanoparticles.

The SAFEST sunscreen is shade. Number two on the list is clothing — including long sleeves, long pants, and a hat. The third safest is going inside.

So do your body a favor: Get out and get some sun everyday… and seek shade, put on clothes, or head indoors before you burn.

It’s that simple… and it’s the only real “protection” from the sun that you need.

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