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This weight-loss quick fix can wreck your mind

Would you hack off an arm to lose weight?

Of course not. The very question is ridiculous. Sure, you’ll lose about 5 percent of your bodyweight instantly — but you’ll also lose the ability to live a normal life, facing problems with everything from tying your shoes to eating.

Try cutting a steak with one hand tonight if you don’t believe me.

Now, the latest research shows how losing part of your stomach to weight-loss surgery is like losing an arm.

You’ll lose weight… but you’ll also lose the important functions carried out by the part of the gut that’s been removed, and could end up suffering from unexpected health problems like depression.

Depressed obese folks don’t magically toss their antidepressants in the trash after surgery. If anything, they need the drugs more than ever — and even folks who AREN’T depressed beforehand can end up on mood meds AFTER the surgery, according to the study.

The mainstream is scratching its collective little head over this.

These folks lost weight AND got healthier by mainstream standards. They “should” be deliriously happy to have a slim belly.

Clearly, these clowns are as clueless about depression as they are about weight loss.

Depression isn’t some choice these people made. They can’t just decide to stop whining and be happy about it.

The real problem is that surgical removal of part of the stomach leaves the organ unable to function right.

It ends up like a left arm without a right one, and it can’t do all the things it usually does — including processing and absorbing nutrients from food.

Folks who have stomach surgery often face serious nutritional deficiencies after, especially problems with vitamin B12 — and while B12 plays a number of critical roles in the body, one of the most important of all is regulating your mood.

When you fall short, you end up battling the blues — and it doesn’t matter whether you’re still obese or stick-thin.

Either way, you’re miserable.

So let me give you two pieces of advice.

First, don’t be tempted by stomach-shrinking surgeries. The nutritional problems that follow are very real and can do more than just make you depressed. They could actually KILL you, and you can see how in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

Lose weight with a simple low-carb diet instead.

And second, if you’re depressed, low B12 could be the reason — and that’s true regardless of whether or not you’ve had stomach surgery.

The best way to boost your intake naturally is with a fresh, juicy steak… but to really beat the blues, you’ll likely need a little more. You can take a supplement, or ask your doc if your might do better with B12 shots.

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