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Pricey new sex med may stick you with same old risks

Watch out, guys.

There’s a new form of Viagra expected to hit the market within a couple of years – and when it does, you can bet you’ll see a relentless new barrage of annoying and downright embarrassing ads.

This up-and-coming version of the med being tested right now isn’t a little blue pill.

It’s a sticky little patch that allows the drug to push through the skin so it can bypass the stomach and make a beeline for the bloodstream.

That means the drug could kick in almost immediately, instead of taking an hour or more to take effect.

But don’t put yourself on the waiting list for this med just yet, guys – because even if it delivers an immediate erection you can hammer nails with, it can also bring along side effects just as fast.

And they’re the exact opposite of sexy.

Supposedly, getting the drug straight into your bloodstream will cut down on some of the nastier digestive side effects of the oral pill, like blasting out both ends (aka nausea and vomiting).

Some of the reports claim the new version would limit its other side effects, too – like vision problems… dizziness… back pain… and a headache that will have YOU saying, “Not now, sweetie…”

But that remains to be seen – and if they do strike, no amount of scented candles and Barry White music will help you overcome them.

Let’s not forget the infamous erection that lasts more than four hours, which is a rare but painful side effect. It’s a severe medical emergency that requires a trip to the hospital… possibly a needle or a scalpel into your shaft to drain the blood and ease the pressure… and could cause permanent damage.

If those risks don’t scare you away, maybe the price will: A single patch is expected to cost as much as $15.

Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!

Why risk any of that – and pay through the nose to boot – when you don’t have to?

There’s a much simpler and far safer way to beat the bedroom blues and become a bedroom superstar — and that’s to go right after one of the most common causes of sex problems in older guys.

It’s low testosterone.

Boost your hormone levels, and you find yourself more than just getting “in the mood” again, with some “side effects” to enhance the experience instead of hurting it. A testosterone boost can also give you more energy so you’ll be ready for some all-night action.

Natural therapies such as the extract of the ram’s horn clover can help boost free testosterone levels by 96 percent.

If that alone doesn’t do the trick, then you’ll need time-tested hormone therapy from an experienced naturopathic physician. I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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