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Migraine ‘cure’ is nothing but a headache

Once again, the FDA rushed a drug onto the market long before the safety issues were resolved – and once again, desperate patients are paying the price!

The Zecuity patch was supposed to be a dream come true for folks battling the severe, intense, debilitating, and even crippling pain of migraine headaches.

Instead of having to constantly pop pain pills, the battery-powered patch did the job for them. One push at the start of an attack would send a steady stream of meds right into the blood for hours.

But now, the FDA is warning that “a large number” of patients have reported a side effect even worse than some of those headaches: The patch itself is burning them to a crisp!

It’s been linked severe skin reactions like burns, blisters, discoloration, cracked skin, and even permanent scars.

A migraine will come and go. But a scar? That’s forever.

Of course, if your migraines are real bad, you might be willing to live with a scar for a med that provided true relief. Heck, you might be willing to get a scar that looks like a Mike Tyson tattoo across your face if it meant no more headaches.

That’s how bad migraines are.

But in this case, you probably won’t get anything close to true relief.

Hidden in the FDA’s approval data is the ugly truth about this med: Despite the risks… despite the possibility of painful burns and permanent scarring… it doesn’t even work very well!

The big sell is that this patch is twice as effective as a placebo at curing headaches within two hours of that telltale first sign of pain.

What they’re not as quick to mention during that sales pitch is that the placebo was effective at getting rid of the pain for only 9 percent of patients – so at “twice as effective,” the patch had a success rate of only 18 percent.

Some of the folks who weren’t cured got some lesser level of relief… but again, it’s not as impressive as they’ve led you to believe. While 53 percent got at least some relief while on the drug, so did 29 percent of those who took the placebo.

When you consider the other risks of the med – including pain, seizures, and heartbeat problems – it’s pretty clear that someone needs to hit the “OFF” button on this battery-powered patch.

Fortunately, the solution is as simple – and safe – as a special pair of eyewear.

Lenses tinted to a specific color – a kind of purplish pink shade called FL-41 that filters out fluorescent light – can cut migraine risk by 79 percent and ease pain by 40 percent. Unlike the sunglasses you get at the corner store, these are designed specifically for people with migraines. Your eye doctor can help you find a pair.

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