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The one skill you NEVER want to lose

The know-it-alls at the DMV are looking for any excuse they can to keep seniors off the road, forcing older folks into the indignity of extra vision and road tests.

In some states, neighbors and even just random jerks with an ax to grind can call the DMV and snitch on you… even for something EVERYONE does at times, like accidentally backing into your own garbage cans.

One phone call, and you’ll be REQUIRED to take a new road test!

Well, my friend, I’m here to say it’s time to put the snitches in their place.

Fight back – fight tooth and nail to keep yourself on the road, because it’s not just key to your independence.

The latest research shows how it’s absolutely essential to your overall wellbeing!

When folks stop driving, they stop getting out and engaging socially with their friends and the community.

Seniors who drive are three times more likely to visit friends and three times more likely to go out to social events such as movies and dinners.

And they’re more than twice as likely to go to church.

Yes, folks who stop driving practically turn into shut-ins! The researchers say they don’t know why, but I can take a guess.

If you’ve spent 60 or 70 years coming and going as you darn well please –driving your own car when and where you want – you don’t want to ask someone else to drive you around.

And you certainly don’t want to get on the bus.

So you stay in.

But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do, because once you lose your connection to the outside world, you start to lose everything else you care about… you even lose your mind!

Your brain is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition, and part of using it is making sure you get out and talk, engage, and do things. Seniors who stop doing that… folks who stay inside and rarely get out… are much more likely to slip into the nightmare world of cognitive decline and dementia.

Some seniors quit driving because they’re already battling a serious health condition such as dementia.

But for many others, the main reason they can no longer get behind the wheel isn’t a disease.

It’s vision loss – including the loss of distance vision or night vision. It might even be because you refuse to wear your glasses… or even visit the eye doctor to get checked out.

Don’t let any of that keep you from driving, my friend. Boost your intake of vision-saving nutrients such as lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids, wear those darn glasses if you need them, and – if push comes to shove and a cataract is making it too difficult to see – go ahead and have the surgery.

Don’t fear it. Get it done and over with. And I’ll have one simple tip that can make the experience a whole lot easier to handle later today.

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