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The eye surgery trick that’s music to your ears

Protect your peepers, my friend.

Sharp eyes will not only ensure you can keep reading the Daily Dose instead of asking Siri to read it to you, but it will also keep you out and about and on the roads.

Don’t give those clowns at the DMV any excuse to take your license away!

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision loss in older folks – and when you flunk an eye exam because you refuse to get them taken care of, you lose more than your driver’s license.

You lose your freedom… your independence… and even a piece of your dignity when you have to call someone and beg for a ride.

I get why seniors often refuse to have cataract surgery, even when it’s well past the point where they need it.

The very idea of that blade coming down on your eyeball while you’re wide-awake is downright terrifying!

Well, my friend, don’t let your nerves keep you from getting the procedure if you need it – make the call, schedule your appointment, and then bring something with you that can make the whole experience a whole lot easier to take.


You know the old saying about how music soothes the savage beast? It can also soothe some pretty savage nerves, too – because the latest research shows how listening to some tunes can help you power through cataract surgery.

Listening to your favorite relaxing tunes for 15 minutes before cataract surgery can dramatically calm your nerves for as much as an hour afterward, reducing anxiety levels by nearly two-thirds, according to the new study out of France.

That didn’t just give patients a little more calmness. It also reduced their need for brain-blending sedative drugs – and, as a result, the folks who listened to some music before surgery were more satisfied with the procedure overall.

The downside is you generally can’t listen during the procedure itself, since your headphones would get in the way.

But you don’t need to listen to music during the procedure to get the benefit anyway, as the new study shows you can get the calming benefits of music by listening just before your surgery.

Of course, cataracts don’t always mean surgery. If you can still see well enough to read this without zooming in too much, there are natural therapies that can slow your cataract or even stop it cold.

Get the full story on the vision-boosting, cataract-shrinking nutrient you need to protect your peepers in this free report from my Daily Dose archives.

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