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The dirty secret about your soap

People have become downright terrified of a little dirt. They carry around hand sanitizers… open doorknobs with a tissue… and wash with “antibacterial” soap.

If every little germ were THAT dangerous, the human race would’ve been wiped off the map ages ago!

Fact is, a little dirt is good for us – and trying to cut your exposure to every single germ can do more harm than good.

And that’s especially true if you use antibacterial soap.

The latest research shows once again how the main ingredient in antibacterial soaps and other antimicrobial products can do so much more than kill germs.

It could also wreck you from the inside!

It’s called triclosan, and it’s used in everything from soaps to sanitizers to toothpaste – and the new study on zebrafish finds that once it gets inside the body, it starts messing with the delicate balance of bacteria inside the gut.

Some die off more quickly, others manage to survive – but either way, it leads to seismic shift in the balance of bacteria.

And in studies on humans, we know that these types of shifts in the gut bacteria can cause everything from easy weight gain to chronic health problems including diabetes and heart disease.

I know what you’re thinking: SO WHAT? I’m not a fish… and I’m not eating soap!

Neither of that matters. The fish are used because scientists would rather poison them than people – and since they share 84 percent of the genes linked to HUMAN disease, they make a reasonable substitute (but if anyone from PETA wants to take their place, please feel free to volunteer).

And you don’t have to EAT soap to get dosed with triclosan. This stuff can push itself into your body right through your skin!

Odds are, though, you’re eating it, too – because it’s turning up increasingly in food and water.

Along with changing the balance of bacteria in your gut, a study on mice found triclosan can block the signals between brain and muscle – leading to a weaker grip and… ready for this one?… deteriorating heart function!

It’s also a known endocrine disruptor that can mess with hormones including thyroid, testosterone, and estrogen.

If that’s not bad enough, the very reason for the existence of triclosan is a bold-faced lie – because even the feds admit there’s absolutely no reason for this stuff to be in anything.

Wash with antibacterial soap containing triclosan, and your hands will no cleaner than if you had done it properly with the plain old 99 44/100 percent pure Ivory soap of your childhood using the method you learned in kindergarten.

Lather up both sides of the hands, scrub long enough to sing your ABCs, then rinse.

Couldn’t be simpler – and you’ll kill germs without killing yourself.

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