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Your colonoscopy just got a whole lot easier

I doubt you’ll ever hear the phrase “as pleasant as a colonoscopy” used without sarcasm.

But trust me on this one: The procedure itself is a breeze. You’re sedated, so it might actually be some of the best rest you’ve had in weeks.

The worst part comes before – when you have to practically STARVE yourself to get your bowels “prepped” for the procedure. You’re supposed to limit yourself to stuff like water, broth, and JELL-O.


It’s pure torture, and doctors say it’s a key reason patients refuse to get a colonoscopy or schedule one and then bail at the last minute.

Well, my friend, the torture is about to come to an end – because new research finds you CAN actually eat certain delicious and filling foods before your colonoscopy as long as you stick to a “low-residue” diet.

I won’t get into the disgusting details, but let’s just say these are foods that leave less “residue” in the places where your doc will be looking.

The key here is that it includes some decent dining options like eggs, yogurt, and chicken breasts.

The new study finds that this, and not the liquid diet, should be the standard – because it actually works BETTER for doctors and patient alike!

Folks on the low-residue diet are less likely to cheat and eat something they shouldn’t… so, as a result, they’re more likely to have their bowels ready for the procedure.

And that means your doc will have an easier time doing his job without having to poke through too much… well… you know what.

Sure, there are other parts of the procedure that are no fun. You still have to drink that chalky liquid and then camp out on the toilet while stuff you ate back in 1993 comes rushing out your other end.

Consider it a chance to catch up on your reading.

And even if your doc won’t allow you to get away with a low-residue diet… even if he insists it’s liquids-only the day before… don’t let that put you off of getting the procedure altogether.

Unlike other cancer screenings, which often lead to the harmful over-treatment of harmless tumors, the colonoscopy can stop a potentially deadly cancer with almost no risk at all.

In most cases, your doc will be able to do everything at once. He can check your colon AND pluck out any polyps that look like troublemakers right there on the spot.

I’ve got a few tips on how to minimize the unpleasant parts of the procedure and maximize its effectiveness… right down to the best time of day for both you and your doc.

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