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The all-natural pain reliever that’s all pleasure

Who doesn’t like a good massage?

If you’re feeling good, a massage will make you feel even better. If you’re feeling crummy, a massage is just the thing to lift your spirits.

And if you’re in pain, massage can do more to ease your aches and get you back in action than some of the most commonly used painkillers on the planet.

Now, the latest research confirms what anyone who’s had an honest-to-goodness therapeutic massage for pain relief can already tell you: It works!

The review of 67 studies finds that massage therapy can tame the monster of raging musculoskeletal pain when compared to no treatment at all.

Yet despite their own results, the researchers don’t seem THAT impressed.

They claim that while massage is definitely better than doing nothing, there’s no proof it’s actually better than anything else, including meds.

They’re flat-out wrong.

Meds don’t always work as advertised, and the one study that compared massage directly to painkillers was a BIG win for massage.

Painkillers fail – and they fail so often that another new study finds half of all patients who try opioids for low back pain actually quit taking them.

In some cases, it’s because of the side effects. But in others, it’s because the drugs don’t work – with up to three-quarters of patients in some studies quitting their meds.

I’ve never known anyone to quit massage for any reason other than they feel better and don’t need it anymore, and even then plenty of people keep going in for those sessions long after the pain is gone.

Other studies show why: Massage can cause changes in your hormone levels, causing levels of stress hormones like cortisol to plunge and levels of calming oxytocin – aka the “love” hormone – to jump off the charts.

Less stress, more calm. It’s a recipe for a better mood and a better day, as well as other very real benefits, including a boost in immune system function and a dip in blood pressure.

So massage can deliver REAL and LASTING relief… and it can do it without any side effects except the pure euphoria of having a pair of skilled hands work you over when you need it most.

Just don’t get any old massage if you’re hoping for pain relief. Everyone thinks they know how to give one… but not everyone does, and a massage from a well-meaning friend or spouse could do more harm than good if you’ve got ongoing pain issues or an injury.

You need the real deal – a therapeutic massage from someone trained to do it right.

And of course, stay away from those “massage parlors” in certain parts of town.

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