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Is your phone killing you?

I don’t know about you, but I’m just sick to death of the cellphone zombies.

You can’t even walk down the sidewalk without having to duck these dummies because they’re not looking at where they’re going.

And forget about driving – the zombies are too busy talking and even texting to pay attention to the road.

I’ll bet there are drunks who drive better than these knuckleheads!

But the biggest risk of too much cellphone use isn’t walking into someone, and it’s not even wrecking your car. The latest research shows how just using the thing at all – even keeping it on your body – could hurt you, or it might even KILL you!

The cellphone industry has long claimed there’s no evidence at all that the radio frequency (RF) radiation used in cellphones causes cancer of any kind.

Now, that claim just came crashing down – because a damning new government study finds that exposure to RF radiation can cause two types of tumors in male rats: brain tumors known as glioma, and a rare tumor in the heart known as a schwannoma.

The study didn’t find any risk in female rats, just the guys. But the more they were exposed, the higher the risk… including at levels similar to what humans are typically slammed with every single day.

The industry is already trying to downplay the study, claiming that it somehow doesn’t count because it was on rats.


Rats are studied for a reason: What’s toxic to them is almost always toxic to us. And because they have much shorter lives, the effects of cancer-causing radiation kick in much faster.

Instead of a canary in a coalmine, we’ve got rats with cellphones, and you’d better not hang up on this one – because the few human studies out there show remarkably similar risks.

One study out of Sweden published five years back found that folks who start using cellphones as a teen and keep at it for at least a decade are 4.9 times more likely to develop a tumor than folks who don’t use them at all.

These days, people don’t start using them as teens… they practically pop out of the womb with a smartphone in their hands, so a decade of use is practically nothing.

Listen, I’m not saying it’s time to your toss your cellphone. But it IS time to at least turn it off – and KEEP it off as much as you can.

You don’t need to be available for a call at every moment of every day, and you don’t need to check in on Facebook every five minutes either. (Admit it, it’s not just the kids wasting hours on Facebook these days.)

So use it when you need it… turn it off when you don’t… and you shouldn’t have much to worry about it.

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