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This ‘safe’ sugar substitute is KILLING you!

Safer than a newborn kitten!

That’s what Big Food wants you to think when it comes to their no-cal chemical sweeteners.

If you’ve got diabetes… or if you’re at risk for the disease… they want you to think you can just swap sugary soft drinks for their diet versions and keep slurping away.

Well, my friend, the industry can lie all it wants — but the science never lies, and the latest research exposes the ugly truth about the popular chemical sweetener aspartame: It can ultimately do MORE damage to your glucose control than plain old sugar!

If you don’t have diabetes, no-cal sweeteners can put you in the express lane to getting it.

And if you have the condition, “diet” soda will help ensure you struggle to keep it under control.

It’s not that aspartame causes blood sugar levels to spike. Of course it doesn’t, and that’s why they want you to think it’s “safe.”

But it does something far worse — something that could permanently CRIPPLE your body’s ability to handle glucose, setting the stage for insulin resistance and diabetes.

As a result, the new study finds that in some ways aspartame can be WORSE for your glucose control than plain old sugar!

The study looked at more than 2,800 men and women who were asked to record absolutely everything they ate and drank for 24 hours.

Then they were divided into three groups: Folks who had aspartame… folks who had saccharin… and folks who had ordinary sugar.

And wouldn’t you know it, the biggest problems with glucose tolerance were in overweight folks who consumed aspartame.

Not sugar… and not even saccharine.

But don’t consider that an endorsement of either — because plain old sugar WILL ultimately lead to diabetes, and saccharine has been linked to cancer.

The study doesn’t spot the reason for the link between aspartame and glucose problems, but the likely culprit is what happens inside your gut.

Big Food wants you to believe aspartame passes right through like it’s invisible, since it brings no calories or glucose along for the ride.

But the bacteria in your gut aren’t fooled by this disappearing act.

They spot the chemical and go to work on it the way they work on everything else, trying to break it down and put it to use. And as the new study shows, it’s getting used in all the wrong ways.

That helps explain why other studies have found that folks who drink diet soda have a HIGHER risk of diabetes.

So here’s the real deal on “safe” sweets: There’s no such thing!

Aspartame… saccharin… sucralose… and all the rest each have their own problems. And don’t even get me started on table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

Avoid them. Avoid them all.

Tough? Yes. But living with diabetes is a whole lot tougher.

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