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A new superbug threat… or an even bigger con?

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines by now: A powerful new superbug gene mutation first spotted in China last year has reached the United States.

While the woman in this case was treated and is doing fine, this is bad news no matter how you shake it. As I warned last year, the MCR-1 gene will make it tough — or even impossible — to treat certain infections now that it’s showing resistance to the “last resort” antibiotic, colistin.

But the headlines have butchered the story and hidden the REAL problem… and it’s not this or any other superbug mutation.

It’s that the drug industry won’t lift a finger to help… unless they get PAID first!

Yes, friend, they’re practically holding us hostage over the superbug threat — and even with this new bacterial infection making headlines, they’re holding firm.

No money, no new meds.

They want YOU to pay for the development of new antibiotics… so they can just kick back and cash in on the sales.

Earlier this year, they even announced that intention: Unless governments pony up big money in the form of tax breaks and “novel payment models,” they’re not helping.

It’s a diabolical plot worthy of a James Bond movie.

And it’s working, too! The British government is already mulling over a $1.5 billion prize that would go to any company that cooks up ANY new antibiotic.

“Our arsenal to defeat superbugs is running out and needs to be replenished,” a report funded by the British government said.

But what’s needed isn’t a new antibiotic… because nothing can stop a germ from learning to resist new drugs, just as they did the old ones.

What we really need in order to combat these supposedly indestructible supervillains is, simply, a new approach.

There are all sorts of examples of therapies that AREN’T drugs that can fight these superbugs.

For example, good bacteria can often be used to fight the bad ones, even when drugs have failed. That includes the drug-resistant C. diff infections that kill nearly 30,000 Americans per year.

Similarly, Yale University researchers found a virus that can chew through bacteria like a dog with an old toy. It can even eat up superbug germs, weakening them enough so the old drugs still work.

In another case, minerals discovered in the clay that occurs naturally in Canada’s Kisameet Bay — used for centuries by local tribes to fight infection — can kill 16 different types of bacteria, including many that are resistant to drugs.

These cures won’t cost billions to find, because some of them are already in use RIGHT now.

You just have to know where to look.

That’s why I recommend working closely with an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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