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They’re already pushing flu shots… in JUNE!

Here we are, nearly three weeks before summer, and they’re already starting the sales pitch for flu shots by making ridiculous claims that can’t possibly be true.

Forget “Christmas creep” — it’s FLU SHOT SEASON that’s coming earlier and earlier every year!

They’re not selling the vaccine itself just yet. That’ll come around September.

But they ARE desperately trying to soften you up with an endless series of hokum studies that make it seem as if the flu shot can not only prevent flu, but will also stop everything from heart attacks to shark attacks.

The latest is not one but TWO new studies that make bogus claims based on shoddy science.

The first claims that if you have heart failure, getting a flu shot will cut your risk of hospitalization due to heart disease by 30 percent and hospitalization due to respiratory disease by 16 percent.

The second is even more absurd, claiming flu shots will cut the risk of dementia in heart failure patients by a third — and by even higher levels if you get the shot every year.

Gotta love that last part. Isn’t that convenient? It works best if you dutifully get the shot each and every year.

Talk about pressure tactics!

Let me tell you what’s really going on here: nothing.

Neither of these studies were clinical trials. They were studies using patient records — someone banging away at a computer comparing patients who had flu shots to those who didn’t.

But they’re not really comparing people who get flu shots to people who don’t.

For the most part, they’re comparing people who get more healthcare to those who don’t, because THAT’S who gets flu shots every year — people who are proactive about their health in the first place.

They get the shot because they see the doctor for regular checkups and are TOLD to get it.

Since they don’t know any better, they do.

Folks who don’t get the shot, on the other hand, usually aren’t people who avoid the vaccine… but people who avoid the doctor.

So OF COURSE they’re less healthy overall and OF COURSE they’re going to be more likely to suffer chronic disease — but it’s not because they didn’t get the shot.

It’s because they didn’t take good care of themselves!

Forget these bogus studies and focus on the REAL science, which shows the shot can barely even do what it’s supposed to. It offers little protection from flu — and almost no protection at all in seniors — so there’s a not a chance in you-know-where that it’s going to pack any other benefits.

Learn the REAL story behind the flu shot here.

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