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Feel full with delicious food — not balloons!

You don’t have to visit the beach this summer to play with a beach ball.

Just visit your doctor!

There’s a daffy new plan for weight loss that involves swallowing a capsule with a balloon inside that’s connected to a catheter tube.

Once the Obalon, as it’s called, is in your belly, the doc connects a pump to the catheter and fills the balloon with nitrogen gas so it swells in your stomach.

No word yet on whether it also works with bicycle pumps. And who do you call if it goes flat — AAA, or a clown with experience in balloon animals?

Anyway, you’re supposed to swallow another balloon a few weeks later, and another one a few weeks after that. Eventually, your stomach might look like the ball pit at a Chuck E. Cheese.

Supposedly, walking around with all these balls in your belly will make you feel fuller all the time so you’re less hungry and less tempted to eat… and you end up eating less overall.

After about six months, they pull the balloons out. Who knows, maybe they’ll let you take them home so you re-inflate them to play some volleyball.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only loony-balloony weight-loss scheme out there. A balloon system called the Elipse is also being tested right now and it works like the Obalon: You swallow a capsule with a balloon that’s then pumped up in your stomach.

And both of these are similar to another daffy plan I’ve warned you about earlier, called the ReShape Dual Balloon, where you swallow empty bags that are then filled with saline once they’re in your belly.

This Obalon is supposed to be safer since it won’t fill your belly with seawater if it bursts.

On the other hand, I have no idea what releasing nitrogen gas into your intestine will do… but at the very least, it has the potential to lead to some very embarrassing situations, especially if you’re dining in a quiet restaurant.

Here’s a better idea: Instead of filling your belly with gas or saline, try filling it with delicious food instead.

I know it sounds crazy, but you can eat plenty… never go hungry… and LOSE weight, all at the same time, but only if you eat the right foods.

That means quitting carbs and getting on a back-to-basics diet rich in delicious animal fats.

It’s safe. It’s simple. And it’s so effective that if you start today you’ll be wearing slimmer new clothes in time for your 4th of July BBQ… and you can let someone else bring the beach ball.

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