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Cut your salt intake… and drop dead!

Picture it: I was sitting in a diner ready to tuck into a plate of eggs, and I uttered a four-letter word that caused the whole place to go silent.

No, it’s not the one you’re thinking of.

All I did was ask for the SALT!

OK, maybe the entire place didn’t go totally silent… but based on how the gang at my table reacted, you’d think I had asked to shake some cyanide onto my eggs.

People are downright terrified of salt these days!

Well, my friend, if you’ve been living in fear of your own saltshaker… if you’ve had to endure years of bland food because of the great sodium scare… it’s time to break out the grinder and get to work.

Salt isn’t just safe. It’s essential — and new research shows how NOT getting it could hurt or even kill you!

If you’ve been following the food-hating, joy-sucking guidelines issued by the American Heart Association, you could be killing yourself right now.

They want you to get just 1,500 mg of salt per day. But the new study finds that if you fall below even DOUBLE that — just 3,000 mg per day — your risk of heart attack and stroke actually jump by 26 percent.

It’s as if they’re TRYING to kill you!

Those are the numbers for folks who don’t have high blood pressure. If you DO have high blood pressure — and, let’s face it, at this point you probably do — you might think you have to be extra careful watching your sodium levels.


Falling below 3,000 mg per day will cause your stroke and heart risk to climb even higher — by 34 percent, according to the study published just last week in The Lancet.

If you have high blood pressure, you do have to watch out just a little bit. Incredibly high levels of sodium per day — we’re talking 6,000 mg or more — can boost your risk by 23 percent.

But there’s no way any sane person could get more than 6,000 mg of sodium per day on a diet of fresh, natural foods. The only way you can top those levels is if you eat processed junk — but even so, that would be like eating SIX Big Mac’s in one day!

You’d have to have a death wish to live on that garbage — and in any case, all the chemicals and other ingredients in those foods will probably kill you long before the salt ever will.

So go ahead, break out the saltshaker and start to enjoy your food again… because it won’t just add a little zing to your meals.

It could also save your life!

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