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Light up for weight loss

Here’s another one from the “forbidden science” files — because researchers have identified a substance that can help you lose weight so fast that it’ll look like you’re practically melting away.

This stuff is so effective, in fact, that it puts all those phony baloney diet drugs to shame.

But I’ll bet you won’t hear a thing about it… and not just because it’s all-natural and can’t be patented and sold at a 1,000 percent markup.

It’s because it’s nicotine!

Yes, friend, you’ve heard smokers say how they light up to keep slim… and you’ve no doubt heard it dismissed by mainstream-know-it-alls, too.

But the latest research on rats shows how it practically blasts calories away so you can lose weight even if you don’t make a single change to your diet.

Amazingly, the study finds that any amount of nicotine at all — even very low levels — will help block weight gain. Higher levels have more of an effect, but cutting back from higher levels will also lead to weight gain.

This was a study on rats, not humans. But the researchers on this one aren’t just blowing smoke… because we see the same thing in people.

Ever see those super-slim supermodels on break? They smoke like very slender chimneys!

They smoke because they know smoking helps them keep thin… and they keep at it because they know the pounds will come right back if they quit.

Heck, when people try to quit and fail it’s not always because they can’t resist the nicotine cravings.

It’s because they start putting on weight!

I’m not saying anyone should take up smoking who doesn’t already have the habit just in the hopes of losing some weight. At the end of the day, a low-carb diet is still your best bet for dropping pounds and keeping them off.

But I will say that smoking isn’t nearly the “always bad” habit it’s been made out to be.

The nicotine itself is clearly beneficial: Along with helping you to keep trim, it’s proven repeatedly to protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Smoking after meals can even help with your digestion.

If there’s any harm in smoking, it’s likely not from the nicotine but all the chemicals Big Tobacco dumps into its cigarettes, which include a laundry list of toxins and other damaging compounds.

So if you’re going to smoke, stick a quality all-natural cigar. Hold the smoke in your mouth but don’t inhale — cigar smokers never inhale — and your cheeks will absorb the beneficial compounds from the nicotine so they can go to work inside your body.

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