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The surprising secret to cutting heart risk

I just love Memorial Day weekend.

It reminds me of what makes this country so great — and the flags, parades, and open display of politically-incorrect patriotism drown out all the nonsense for a couple of days.

And after we’ve taken some time to honor the brave Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom, we get to partake in that other great national tradition: The Great Memorial Day Cookout.

So get the family together, reminisce about the old days, fire up the grill… and keep the cooler stocked, because you know it’s not a BBQ without some cold brews on hand.

Go ahead and crack one open. Enjoy it. Savor it. And when you’re done, I want you to do something else.

Have another!

I’m sure you’ve heard that wine is good for the heart, but new research finds beer is every bit as protective when it comes to keeping your ticker full of tocks.

And if you have 22 ounces a day or less — about two cans of your favorite brew — your heart disease risk will plunge by 25 percent, according to a review of 150 studies conducted by the prestigious Mediterranean Neurological Institute.

Beer will even boost your levels of heart-friendly HDL cholesterol — and along with protecting your heart, an icy cold brew packs plenty of other benefits.

You know the story about the old beer belly? Well it’s not beer in there — because a study out of Spain a few years back found beer could actually help you LOSE weight (just don’t eat a bowl of pretzels or chips with it).

In addition, beer slows the release of calcium from bone, which is why studies show that just one beer a day will cut your risk of painful kidney stones by up to 40 percent.

And ladies, beer is also the best natural source of dietary silicon, which can protect your bone and help prevent a crippling break.

I’m sure you’ve heard the killjoys running around claiming that booze can cause cancer.

But the new study finds that if guys drink two a day and gals stick to just one, you’ll get all the benefits with none of the supposed health risks.

In other words, keep it moderate… and you’ll be able to keep your eye on those sprinklers that are sure to set something on fire.

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