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This ‘new’ wound cleaner is guaranteed to shock you

I hope you didn’t just finish your lunch, because this next report might have it coming right back up.

And if you haven’t eaten yet, you’ll lose your appetite in a New York minute!

Because today, we’re talking maggots.

Medical maggots, that is, and they’re starting to make a forgotten practice from a century ago the new frontier of cutting-edge modern medicine.
Those nasty little bugs that you’d usually want nothing to do with could turn out to be your best friend some day, especially if you’re a diabetic with wounds that won’t heal or you end up needing an amputation.

I know what you’re thinking: NOPE.

Heck, that was my own first reaction.

But as antibiotics continue to fail — and, in some cases, even make infections worse or cause deadly new infections — this time-tested, science-backed and, let’s face it, all-natural therapy is primed for a big-time comeback, according to a new report in Mosaic Science.

It’s even been given a less icky name — “larval therapy” — and it’s been approved by the FDA as a “medical device.”

Maggots are highly effective for diabetics suffering from problem wounds that won’t heal, doctors have found, because the bugs dissolve bacteria and dead flesh and then suck it up like a vacuum cleaner.

They can even chew through the protective “biofilm” that bacteria use to coat wounds and shield themselves from medication.

And they do all this without nibbling on your healthy flesh.

Docs are finding that it’s more thorough and effective than sharp debridement, a highly painful procedure in which a scalpel is used to clear away dead and infected flesh.

Because bacteria are experts at hide-and-seek, the knife often misses some spots and the infection comes roaring back.

But not maggots — those hungry little suckers don’t miss a thing!

In some cases, scheduled amputations due to non-healing open wounds on the toes and feet have been CANCELED, thanks to the maggots.

Along with being safe and natural, maggots are also painless. Well, you won’t feel any physical pain, but the psychological horror of having bugs eating away at your dead flesh is another story.

Hopefully you won’t ever have to find out firsthand how well you can deal with the heebie-jeebies of “larval therapy.” But given its high rate of success and low risk of complications, don’t be afraid to ask for it if you end up with a wound that won’t heal… and especially if your doc thinks an amputation might be in your future.

Just be sure not to eat lunch right before your appointment.

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