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High blood pressure? Here’s when NOT to worry.

Odds are, your blood pressure has gone up a little over the years — and odds are, the only reason you even know that is because your doc won’t shut up about it.

No doubt, he’s used every little bump in BP as an excuse to pressure you into taking meds.

Well, my friend, I hope you’ve resisted his push — because new research proves that rising blood pressure levels as you age are perfectly normal, and perfectly HARMLESS, too!

If those levels rise slow and steady, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

In fact, the study finds that folks who have slowly rising blood pressure over the years have the LOWEST risk of stroke and the LOWEST risk of dying from non-stroke causes such as heart disease… even if the numbers eventually reach the range of stage 2 hypertension.

Care to guess who has the highest risk of stroke and death from non-stroke conditions?

It’s the folks who not only have picture-perfect blood pressure… but also see those levels DROP as they got older.

Of course, that doesn’t happen naturally. The only way BP levels drop as we get older, in most cases, is when docs shove meds at us — and in the study, those were the folks more likely to be on drugs.

Yet those low BP levels and meds didn’t save them.

If anything, they may have KILLED them!

The real issue isn’t blood pressure that rises slowly over time, as this study shows so clearly. It’s when it jumps suddenly, because these folks also had a higher risk of stroke and death.

And meds won’t help you when your BP is making leaps and bounds, because high BP level itself isn’t a disease of its own. It’s a symptom… a sign of something gone screwy in your body… and drugs only attack that symptom without fixing the problem that caused it.

And THAT’S why you can “cure” your high blood pressure with meds — and be considered perfectly healthy by your doctor’s standards — and yet drop dead of a stroke the very next day.

So here’s the real deal: If your BP levels have been slowly rising over the years, don’t stress it.

As the new study shows, they’re not going to hurt you.

But if they start rising out of the blue… if they’ve jumped so high it’s like they’re training for the Olympics… you don’t need a med. You need a doc with the smarts to figure out what’s going on inside your body to send it skyrocketing.

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