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Power your brain with FAT!

Powering through life’s everyday challenges can feel like trying to slog through mud — especially if you’re getting up there in years.

And it’s not just your joints creaking or your muscles sagging. Hit a certain point, and you can practically feel the gears of your mind slowing down.

The latest research shows yet again how simple healthy fats can turbo charge the human brain — because seniors who have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids stay whip-smart longer.

That’s why they positively ACED two critical tests of brain function in the new study.

First, the omega-rich older folks passed the Trail Making Test with flying colors.

That’s not a quiz on how to find your way out of the woods. If you ever took it yourself, you’d think it was a joke — because it looks like a child’s connect-the-dots puzzle.

You have to circle letters and numbers in the right order, and how fast you can pull it off shows how well your brain can make the link between what you see and what you need to do, how fast it can process information and how quickly you can whip out basic facts you have memorized.

Speeding through this test is sure sign you’ve got better executive function and stronger cognitive abilities — and folks with higher omega-3 levels did it 7.1 seconds faster than everyone else.

They were also given a verbal fluency test. That’s a series of quizzes where you have to fire off as many words in a specific category as you can think of in 60 seconds — like name every “F” word that comes to mind (yes, they’ll accept even that one).

You might also be asked other questions, like list as many fruit as you can or name a bunch of animals.

Again, the folks in the study with higher omega levels did much better, listing three extra words per minute than those with lower levels.

Since there’s no blood test for dementia, docs use quizzes like these to figure out if you’re on the road to cognitive decline or if you’ve got nothing to worry about.

And as the study shows, if you boost your omega-3 intake you might not have anything to worry about at all — because you can expect to stay sharp well into your golden years.

But you won’t get it from bunny chow. If you gnaw on carrots and leaves all day, you’ll end up with a bunny brain!

They’re omega-3 FATTY acids, after all, so you need FATS to keep those gears well-oiled, especially fatty fish and pasture-raised meats (grain-fed meats, however, will NOT contain high omega-3 levels).

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