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FDA makes its dumbest discovery yet

If you want something done right… don’t let the government near it!

What’s healthy and what’s not is just basic science. It’s simple — and it hasn’t changed since the dawn of man.

Yet the feds just admitted they STILL can’t figure it out!

They’re rushing out yet another new set of guidelines after someone at the agency just now figured out that sugary cereals AREN’T healthy.

No, you didn’t slip into an alternate dimension (although Washington is about as close to The Twilight Zone as you can get). Under current FDA rules, a sugary cereal can slap the word “HEALTHY” on its label if they sprinkle it with some vitamins and minerals.

Meanwhile, TRULY healthy foods — including nutrition-packed superfoods — AREN’T considered healthy by FDA standards. Salmon, avocados, and almonds all flunk the FDA’s test for health

because they contain too much fat.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

The agency last revised its labeling guidelines some two decades ago, and they pretty much just target fat, cholesterol, and salt. If it has too much of any of those mainstream boogeymen, it’s “unhealthy.”

And if it’s LOW in fat, cholesterol, and salt — and has just a few vitamins in it — it can be called “healthy,” no matter how lousy it is otherwise.

Goodbye, salmon… hello, Froot Loops!

It doesn’t take cutting-edge science to figure out the problem with that… yet the FDA claims the rules are being changed because of “evolving nutrition research.”


On what planet was sugary cereal ever considered healthy? I’ll tell you what planet: one ruled by corporate lobbyists from the food industry. That’s who’s REALLY writing your guidelines.

And that’s why you can’t trust them no matter what they cook up next… because those same lobbyists will have their fingerprints all over the NEXT set of guidelines, too.

Sure, they might make a big show of sugary cereals no longer getting a “HEALTHY!” label slapped on the package. But overall, they’ll pass guidelines that favor corporate profits over your health — and you can take that to the bank.

If you want the REAL deal on what’s healthy and what’s not, ignore anything coming out of the mouths of DC bureaucrats and get back to basics about what you eat.

ANYTHING with added sugars is unhealthy, no matter what the label says, along with nearly all the rest of the refined carbs. Even “whole grains” aren’t healthy and should be avoided.

Instead, stick to the foods you know and love but avoid because they’re considered “UNHEALTHY” — and salmon, avocados, and nuts are just the beginning.

Focus on fresh and natural animal fats like beef, chicken, and pork, and — I don’t care what the feds say — you’re healthy.

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