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Scam treatments pushed on DYING cancer patients

“There’s always hope.”

That’s what your doc will tell you, anyway. He’ll spit out that tired old cliché… despite the fact that there’s NONE as far as he’s concerned.

If you’ve got terminal cancer with months to live, you’re not the only one running out of time. He is, too — he’s running out of time to make some extra money off your illness.

So he’ll use false hope to sell you on bogus, ineffective, and wildly profitable mainstream cancer treatments.

Well, my friend, it’s time to tell him where to stick it.

Because while there IS always hope… while there ARE ways to beat even the deadliest cancers… new research shows how you WON’T get it from him!

The latest science focuses on one of the deadliest cancers of all. Some 95 percent of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will eventually die of the disease — sometimes within a matter of weeks or months.

The study finds just about every last trick your doctor pulls offers no hope at all when it comes to beating or even delaying pancreatic cancer.

All they’ll do is drain your bank account and bilk your insurer out of thousands of dollars!

He may offer you a second chemo drug. Two are better than one, right?


The study finds pancreatic cancer patients given a second drug with the standard first med actually die slightly SOONER than folks given the one drug alone.

The doc may hoodwink you into a combo of chemo and radiation — a.k.a. chemoradiotherapy. He’ll tell you this can attack the tumor from two directions, but the study finds again no benefit at all to adding radiation to the ordeal.

Zip… zilch… nada!

The extra treatments won’t give you extra time… but they WILL give you extra side effects. You’ll spend some of your final months in this world battling the sickening side effects of the chemo and radiation treatments you never even needed.

This scam isn’t limited to pancreatic cancer.

Just about EVERY end-stage cancer patient who puts his trust in mainstream medicine gets exploited by unethical docs out to make a crooked buck.

A study I shared with you just last year found chemo doesn’t extend lives in end-stage cancer — and in a terrible irony, it causes the healthiest patients to decline MORE rapidly.

Another study found docs routinely ignore guidelines and give end-stage lung-cancer patients unnecessary chemo and radiation.

That’s no way to live — and no way to die, either.

So, if you’ve got an incurable cancer, it’s time to ditch the so-called treatments that are now proven NOT to work and get what you really need: quality care in the hands of a skilled naturopathic medical doctor.

I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine with experience in natural cancer therapies.

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