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The secret to beating deadly prostate cancer


Take those crooks at the FDA and toss them in jail, because new research shows yet again how their official advice isn’t just wrong.

It’s not even just dangerous — it’s outright DEADLY!

Not long ago, the feds warned guys away from testosterone therapy, claiming it might be harmful — and you can bet the big headlines over a dire GOVERNMENT WARNING terrified men away from this therapy.

Now, the latest research shows how this fear-fueled decision to avoid treatment has hurt guys in a big way… because the study finds natural testosterone therapy will actually CUT your risk of a deadly prostate tumor.

Overall, the new study finds that men who have testosterone therapy have the same risk of prostate cancer as guys who don’t.

But once you take out the harmless and common run-of-the-mill tumors and focus only on the aggressive and potentially deadly cancers, a different picture emerges.

It shows this treatment can PREVENT those killer cancers!

Men who have hormone therapy for at least one year are 50 percent less likely to have an aggressive prostate tumor than men who don’t get treated.

Yes, friends, the FDA has just been caught lying to you. Again.

This isn’t the only way the agency’s crooked advice has killed — yes, KILLED — American men.

When the feds issued their bogus warning, they claimed testosterone can increase the risk of heart problems despite no real evidence to back that claim.

Since then, multiple studies have found hormone therapy not only WON’T increase the risk of heart problems, but can actually SLASH that risk in some men.

A major 2014 study of some 25,000 men found that testosterone cuts the risk of heart problems in men who have a higher risk for those problems, while a 2012 study found the higher hormone levels cut the risk of cardiovascular events by 30 percent.

In 2010, researchers found men with heart disease and low hormones have double the risk of death when compared to men with normal hormone levels.

And just last month, I shared a study that found men with low hormone levels who DON’T get treated for them are 80 percent more likely to suffer a serious heart problem.

So guys, don’t let the FDA’s BS scare you away, because their fear-mongering could put you six feet under.

If you haven’t been tested for testosterone yet, march right into your doctor’s office and get yourself checked.

And if it turns out you need to boost your levels, get it done… because as the science shows, your life could depend on it.

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