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Common painkiller turns down your empathy

You might not think you’re a monster… and you might not FEEL like a monster.

But if you’re popping acetaminophen for pain, you could be turning into one — because the latest research confirms that this all-too-common drug can sap you of more than your ability to feel pain.

It can shut down your ability to feel key emotions, putting an otherwise normal human being on the road to becoming a sociopath!

OK, so you won’t pop a couple Tylenols and go on a killing spree; but at the very least, you could turn into a cold-hearted jerk.

It might even make you bad enough to be recruited by Wall Street!

In a series of experiments on college students, 1,000 mg of Tylenol not only dulled pain… but also dulled some other senses… including the ability to feel for others.

After taking either the med or a placebo, students were given a number of scenarios designed to provoke emotion — like reading about someone who suffered a stab wound or the death of a parent — and then asked to rate the emotional pain levels.

The students given the placebo sure felt bad after reading those tearjerkers, agreeing that they were some pretty painful situations.

But the ones who took acetaminophen didn’t give a rat’s tail — and that’s not all.

In a second set of experiments, they were blasted with white noise at decibels that, at times, were louder than a motorcycle engine.

They had less pain from the noise, which you’d expect due to the acetaminophen. But they also said that the painful noise shouldn’t be a big deal for everyone else.

Yes, the drug made college kids care even LESS about others.

I didn’t think that was possible!

Acetaminophen won’t just dull your empathy. Earlier experiments found the drug will also suck the joy out of your life. And in a separate study last year, folks shown images designed to provoke strong reactions went dull after taking acetaminophen. And just earlier this year, Tylenol was found to interfere with your ability to recognize when you’ve made a mistake.

So maybe you can deal with being a monster yourself for a little while just to make that monster muscle ache go away. But it’s STILL not the best option out there.

Acetaminophen can damage the liver so badly that overdose of this drug is now the nation’s leading cause of acute liver failure — and it’s frighteningly easy to overdose.

The drug is used in some 600 different medications — from painkillers to cold meds to sleep aids — that folks can take two or more and overdose without even realizing it.

So forget this stuff.

For recurring pain problems, work on a solution with a doc — not a drug to mask all your emotions. And for life’s everyday aches and pains, try Soothanol XL, made by my friends and affiliates at NorthStar Nutritionals. Rub a drop or two into a sore spot, and the pain will practically melt away… and you won’t turn into a monster.

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