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This common drug will make you older than you are

Every time I look in the mirror I can’t help but wonder what happened to the young man that used to live in there.

The hair’s going gray (or — let’s face it — going away), and I’ve got some little brown spots where the skin was one clear. And let’s not even TALK about those wrinkles.

But hey, it’s what’s INSIDE that counts, right?

It’s true… and in more ways than you may realize.

The signs of aging on the outside are literally skin deep. But the inside? That’s where aging REALLY counts — and the latest research reveals how you might be hitting the “fast forward” button on your internal aging process.

If you’re among the millions of Americans who take proton pump inhibitors to tame the raging flames of acid reflux, I’ve got some bad news for you today, my friend…

You might be a lot older than you look!

That’s right. You could be Harrison Ford on the outside… and more like the Crypt Keeper on the inside.

The new study finds that those PPIs can speed aging on your insides in two ways.

First, it can cause your endothelial cells to wear out like the inside of an old shoe.

Those are the cells that line your blood vessels and help ensure that blood flows smoothly. As you get older, the wear and tear on those cells causes junk to collect on the blood vessel walls.

Get enough junk, and you’ve got a blockage — putting you at risk for heart attack, stroke, and more.

PPI drugs will speed that process, causing those cells to age even faster… boosting the risk of those blockages… and maybe sending you right to the ER… or even the morgue.

In addition, the same study finds PPI drugs can also rapidly age another type of cell that flushes cellular garbage out of the body, called lysosomes.

As those cells age, they don’t clear out as much junk… and so your body fills with cellular debris that will increase your risk of chronic disease.

If those were the only risks of these drugs, I’d urge you to steer clear.

But if you’re a loyal Daily Dose reader, you know that’s only the beginning.

PPIs can sap you of bone-building nutrients, boosting the risk of breaks and fractures. They can block magnesium, putting you at risk for heart problems.

They can even wipe out the healthy “good bacteria” in your gut needed to fight off superbug infections!

Here’s a much simpler solution to heartburn and reflux: Stock up on cabbage.

A head of cabbage is cheap, stores well, and if you run one through the juicer when you feel a reflux attack coming on, it can stop it dead in its tracks.

It’s not so tasty, but it works. And it’ll keep your insides just as young as your outsides.

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