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How to stop those late night tinkle trips

The only thing worse than the sound of your neighbor’s sprinklers waking you up at 3 a.m. — again — is when your own silent “sprinkler” prods you awake because you’ve got to dash to the bathroom.

It’s more than just irritating…. It’s downright dangerous!

When you wake up in the middle of the night, it’s dark, and you’re disoriented — the perfect conditions for a bone-crunching fall. Even if you make it back to bed in one piece, it can be tough to get back to sleep.

Then, once you’re finally in dreamland, it happens AGAIN: Your bladder forces you to wake up for yet another trip to the bathroom.

By the time morning breaks, you’re so bleary-eyed and cranky that no amount of coffee in the world will help.

I can certainly understand, then, why you might be excited by a new push to give you artificial hormones for bladder control. Supposedly, a couple of snorts on an inhaler jacked with desmopressin, a synthetic version of vasopressin, can stop the bladder from filling so you can sleep a little better.

But don’t jam this thing up your nostrils just yet… because it’s not nearly as safe or as effective as you’ve been led to believe!

The new study finds that, on average, the hormone cut the number of nighttime bathroom trips by at least two.

That might sound good, but a study in 2011 found it cut the number of bathroom trips by just one — from an average of 2.6 times a night down to 1.6 times per night.

If you’re just about at your wit’s end from all those unwanted wakeup calls, I can see how even that might be tempting.

But while the hormone seems safer than the brain-scrambling meds some patients are given for bladder control, that doesn’t mean it’s SAFE.

It comes with a very serious risk, especially for older folks: It can cause your blood sodium levels to plunge, which can make you dizzy, weak, tired, and nauseous.

Even worse, it can cause your brain to fog up, leaving you so disoriented and confused you’ll end up in the ER, barely able to say your own name.

One doc who prescribes this hormone to seniors says some older folks take it for months without a problem. Then, out of the blue, their sodium levels plunge — which is why he urges docs to use it only with “considerable caution.”

Why worry about all that when you don’t have to?

There’s a much safer way to seize control over your bladder so you’re not jumping out of bed all night and tired in the morning.

An herbal remedy called Crataeva nurvala used in India for hundreds of years can increase the tone of smooth muscle — the same type of muscle that lines your bladder.

With better muscle comes better control… and you could wake up less and sleep more.

Look for a bladder control formula that contains this time-tested natural therapy.

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