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Heart surgery? Don’t touch that statin!

The statin sales pitch is like the snake oil scams of old — because no matter what ails you, they’ll claim a statin can cure it.

Along with cutting cholesterol, the drugs can supposedly fight cancer, prevent dementia, and ease arthritis.

I mean, really?! What’s next — that they give you whiter teeth, block unwanted phone calls, and make a perfect cup of coffee, too?!

It’s just as likely, because all of those supposed “benefits” of statins are pure bunk — and the latest science exposes one of the most common “off-label” uses of these drugs for the complete fiction that it is.

If you’re going in for heart surgery, odds are your doc will urge you to take a statin beforehand.

Even if you’re not on one now… even if you have no plans to take one for the long haul… even if you’ve fought his push to get you on the meds before… he’ll tell you this is different.

Just take it for the operation, he’ll say…and then add ominously, “Your life could depend on it.”

How in the heck do you say “no” to that?

You don’t!

You’re going in for heart surgery. You’re terrified enough as it is — so OF COURSE you swallow that pill.

Well, my friend, the new study shows how you’re better off taking your chances with a rabbit’s foot and leaving the statins out of it.

AT BEST, the drug will do nothing for you. It WON’T improve your chances of survival. It WON’T cut the risk of complications after surgery such as atrial fibrillation. And it WON’T limit heart damage, as your doc implied.

That’s your best-case scenario, mind you.

At worst, the drug could punch you right in the kidneys. The study of some 1,900 heart patients given either the statin drug rosuvastatin or a placebo before surgery finds that drug actually INCREASES your risk of kidney damage from the operation by 5.4 percent.

The study in The New England Journal of Medicine finds “no compelling reason to initiate statin therapy just before cardiac surgery.”

That’s right… no reason AT ALL. For once, researchers have it right on statins!

Naturally, they then go back to getting it wrong. They claim the drugs are worth taking anyway for their supposed “long-term” benefits — but don’t swallow that pill just yet.

While docs have claimed statins can cut the risk of some cancers, the low cholesterol levels caused by the drugs can actually BOOST the odds of others — especially in seniors.

And that supposed “memory protection”? Just the opposite can happen! Even the FDA has warned of statin-related memory loss.

Throw in the other risks… everything from muscle pain to diabetes… and I’d say, “There’s no compelling reason to initiate statin therapy… EVER.”

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