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Don’t throw out your probiotic supplement!

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines about how probiotics do “nothing” for healthy people. It’s been everywhere over the last week, and researchers have practically pulled a muscle patting themselves on the back over it.

“Scientific evidence for an effect of probiotics in healthy adults is non-existent!” declared one smug study author, Dr. Oluf Pedersen, in an interview with Medical Daily.

Too bad his claim is full of you-know-what — and I mean that, because his team didn’t look at the ACTUAL “effect of probiotics” in ACTUAL healthy adults.

They studied poop!

Yes, my friend, this study comes right from the toilet — and that’s where it belongs, because the analysis of poop samples proves absolutely nothing about the actual effects of probiotics.

These researchers were too afraid to get their hands dirty to study the poop themselves (not that I can blame them) so they looked at the data on fecal samples from seven other studies on probiotics.

They claim the proof is in the pooping: Since there were no changes in the bacterial makeup of the feces before and after taking probiotics, the supplements didn’t do… well… you fill in the blank there.

But if these researchers were so sure of themselves, why didn’t they study people instead of poop?

So allow me to step in where they failed.

A study out of New Zealand found that healthy athletes who took a probiotic supplement had a 40 percent lower risk of developing colds. Another study even found that children given probiotics have fewer colds.

The effects of probiotics even work on students, who are notorious for compromising their immune systems by not getting enough sleep or eating right, and by always being out in the “night air.”

Other studies have found that probiotics will prevent colds in factory workers — especially those working the swing or graveyard shifts (or irregular shifts, which means their bodies never know when to sleep).

Those are REAL and MEASURABLE effects in scientific studies done on HEALTHY people… yet the poop-heads behind this new study claim the evidence is “non-existent.”

Want more? I could do this all day. Once you move beyond 100 percent healthy people, the effects get even bigger.

If you’re otherwise healthy but catch a cold, for example, probiotics will cut the symptoms, severity and duration.

They can also help cure urinary infections, fight stress, and help treat asthma and allergies.

And if you take an antibiotic, a probiotic supplement will cut the risk of the worst of the side effects… like when you get the runs.

Probiotics work, my friend, and they can also help with everything from mood to memory.

Just make sure you don’t get scammed — because a lot of the stuff that’s sold out there contains low levels of bacteria you don’t necessarily need. Do some homework. Learn about the strains that might benefit you. Then make sure you get them in the right amounts.

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