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‘Alternative’ medicine goes mainstream

When you need medical care, the best person to call isn’t always your doc.

It just might be your travel agent — because the Swiss government has managed to break the absolute death grip Big Pharma has on medicine in most Western nations.

Instead of practically forcing everyone on drugs for just about every condition under the sun, they’ve come up with a new way.

They’ve just taken the “alternative” out of “alternative medicine” and put FIVE different forms of natural healing smack in the middle of the mainstream.

By this time next year:

  1. Chinese medicine will be treated equally with conventional medicine by insurance companies
  2. Acupuncture will have the same legal status as painkillers.
  3. Herbal remedies could be prescribed in place of certain meds.
  4. Holistic physicians will work side-by-side with mainstream docs.
  5. And homeopathy just might replace the pharmacy!

These “alternative” treatments won’t just be allowed. They won’t even be grudgingly accepted.

They will be actively encouraged — because Swiss insurance companies will be required BY LAW to cover them and treat them EXACTLY the same as every form of mainstream medicine.

This stunning reversal is the result of opening up medicine and allowing the people who know best to decide which treatments should be allowed: PATIENTS!

Back in 2009, instead of simply being TOLD what to take and given no other options, Swiss patients were allowed to vote for which forms of medicine should be included in their coverage.

And the inclusion of these “alternative” practices didn’t squeak by in a close race.

Some 2 million Swiss turned up at the polls, and more than TWO-THIRDS voted to ensure that these natural therapies are included in mainstream insurance coverage.

That’s a landslide victory, my friend, and the experience of the nearly 1.3 million who voted in favor is backed by science: Swiss experts have found that some 2,000 clinical trials back complementary medicine.

But you shouldn’t have to hop on an international flight to Switzerland for a bold new approach to healthcare (though the cheese and chocolates might have you feeling better in a flash).

Because if the Swiss can do it, what’s stopping us?

There is a growing movement on the state level to require U.S. insurers to cover holistic doctors and naturopaths as primary care providers — so contact your local lawmakers and urge them to support laws that would allow you to choose your own doctor.

Tell them you want to choose a naturopathic or holistic doctor who’ll have the same rights to practice…and the same access to YOUR insurance money…as allopaths.

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