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Is this the REAL reason you’re at risk for a fall?

You want to protect your bones? Start by taking care of your eyes!

Turns out the missing link to strong bone isn’t one more glass of milk… or gnawing on some chalky calcium chew… and it’s certainly not Big Pharma’s bone meds.

Those drugs can actually BREAK the very bones they’re supposed to protect!

New research shows how poor vision is a major cause of falls in seniors — and if you let your own peepers go to pot, you could take a tumble yourself.

And you know the score on that.

Now that you’re older, you don’t get up quite as quickly anymore. You’re hurt more easily… and could even suffer a bone break that could lead to a crippling disability.

And in too many cases, falls can even lead to death!

Some 2.8 million seniors have SEVERE vision problems…or eyesight so bad that they can’t see very well even when they wear their glasses!

And every year, nearly half of them — 1.3 million — will suffer a fall, according to the new numbers released by the CDC.

You can bet millions more stumble — and many fall — because of vision problems that aren’t so bad.

Some are stubborn and refuse to wear glasses even when they need the things. Others are LONG overdue for a new prescription, but won’t get one.

Sure, they wear glasses… that they bought in 1997.

And still others have vision problems from either a cataract or macular degeneration. But, again, they avoid getting help — and some refuse to seek treatment altogether.

If you can see well enough to read this letter, it’s not too late to take the action you need to save your vision AND your bones.

  • Get your peepers checked at least once a year — and go in twice or more if you’re in the early stages of vision loss.
  • If you’re on statins, talk to your doc about getting off the drugs ASAP. Statins can increase your risk of cataracts, one of the leading causes of vision loss in seniors.
  • If you already have the makings of a cataract, try N-acetylcarnosine eye drops. In addition, take vitamins B, C and E, which can slow it down or even reverse the thing.

Finally, if you’re at risk for macular degeneration or are in the early stages of the disease, load up on the nutrients lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin. You’ll often find them together in a single eye-boosting formula.

Those powerful pills can protect your peepers and stop age-related macular degeneration cold.

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